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A much cheerier post

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

-Bernard Williams

I love all animals. And while this house is replete with cats, and we already have a dog, you might recall that, while I was in the hospital, I began to obsess on a new breed, and the idea of what other dog might best round out our household. What new personality might lift the spirits of a home that has been, of late, far too busied with the business of sickness and death.

We needed a clown. We needed a burst of vigorous and exceptional and humorous energy. We needed a small, fey and sprightly spirit that was also full of love and affection. We needed a velcro dog, a lap dog, a puppy that likes to fall asleep at your feet without getting in your face. Not much bark, a whole lot of face-lick. We needed a dog willing to please and given to comical play.

We found him.

Meet my new psychiatrist.





Things he has learned so far:

A collar and leash are not so bad.

Peeing outside is FUN.

Cats are good for chasing, but not for biting. Playing is better than fighting.

Cat toys are more fun than dog toys.

Grass is just the BEST.

If you knock over Mama's coffee cup, it spills and then you can have a little before she grabs the paper towels.

Stairs are scary, but I'm getting braver.

Mommy and Daddy love him.

He's wonderful. He snores, he farts, he snorfles wonderfully, he doesn't run so much as he dances, like a tiny, tuxedoed pixie. He leans against you when you sit together. He sleeps under my chair as I type.

He is just exactly what I needed.

It's an indulgence, I know. I didn't really need another dog. But at the same time, indulgence is not always such a bad thing.

He's going to the Montgomery County Scottish-Irish Festival next weekend, if you want to come meet him.



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Sep. 7th, 2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
Bean is a cutie! Boston terrier? Little Guy is 1/2 Boston & 1/2 Rat terrier. Lots of fun & smart too! Enjoy!
Sep. 7th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
He is SO SMART. He's fetching already, and is much, MUCH better on the lead already than Wallace was, as biddable a dog as Wallace is. The two of them are good buds already--Wallace taught him about poo-ing outside, and for that I am muchly grateful to him.

It was so funny--he watched Wallace poo, took a few sniffs around to find his own spot, and then squatted.

And there was much rejoicing.

He's asleep with his head on my foot right now--we had a nice long walk, and now he's sleepy.
Sep. 7th, 2009 02:38 pm (UTC)

There is nothing in the world like Puppy Breath.

Tory wakes me up every morning at 6:30am by climbing onto my bed and shoving her nose into my face. "GET UP. YOU HAVE TO FEED ME AND PLAY TUG ROPE WITH ME." Then I grab her lips and blow morning breath into her face, which she hates, and it turns into a wrestling match which I always win because hey, she may be an 80lb rottie, but I AM MOM and I HAVE FOOD.

You were right. You Need Puppy. What is Puppy's name? He looks boston-ish, but seems large - is he some Staffie mix? OOOOH PUPPY!!!

Has your Da met him yet? He will help your Da tremendously.
Sep. 7th, 2009 03:34 pm (UTC)
Da is still down in MD with my brother, but I'm expecting them to become good friends.

He's five months old, and shouldn't get much bigger. ACA registered Boston Terrier.

I'm inordinately pleased--he is SO GOOD. His brother's markings were a little prettier-more black on the face--but seemed much more aggressive. He would attack Bean (that's the name--'cause that's about how big he is!), and Bean would go down on his back, so he's used to having an alpha around, which makes life easier for ME, to be sure. No dominance issues to deal with. Also, when I picked up Bean, he LICKED my face. When I picked up bro, he CHEWED my face. So I think we made the right choice.

He's wonderful.
Sep. 8th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
Yes you did. We also did not pick the dominant of the litter - and Tory's been perfect with the whole family, even when little kids come to visit.

I thought he was closer to Pit - I never saw one with that much white on his face before. I think it gives him a delightful charm.

I miss puppy breath. Sweetest perfume on the planet. When he's old enough - the Costco brand of dog food, the one that's corn and wheat free, if it's as good as their similarly made catfood, that stuff's fantastic. (I can't recommend it directly, as we feed Tory a raw paleo-diet.)
Sep. 7th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
What's his name?
Sep. 7th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
Bean. We had a choice of many Bostonian names--Quincy, Milton, Fenway, Chowdah, Bobby, Jack, Teddy or Joe. But he's just a little Bean. And he's got a little spot on the top of his head that LOOKS like a little Bean. So he's Bean.
Sep. 7th, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
He's super cute!
Sep. 7th, 2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
He is cute.
Sep. 7th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
Awww...Bostons are the swellest little dogs!

One of my coworkers, who is about 6-foot-4, has a little Boston named Oreo. She can jump from the floor to his shoulder when he's standing up.
Sep. 27th, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
I'm becoming more and more familiar with the leaping thing--when he gets excited, it's kind of remarkable.

It's like his whole skeleton is one giant spring.
Sep. 7th, 2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
Aw he's so cute!! I love Boston Terriers. Terriers in general - though most are rather yappy - are just all-around good dogs. My Savannah is a Manchester Terrier.

Congrats on the new baby! Wishing you all the best!
Sep. 7th, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
He actually doesn't bark at all! He whines a little bit when you do something that frustrates him, but no barking at all. I'm sure he's capable, however--it just hasn't been a problem.

He is a good boy. I can hardly believe it.
Sep. 8th, 2009 03:55 am (UTC)
Grin was a late barker - I remember the first time he barked at something, he scared himself. It was pathetically funny. :)

I had read that Rotties were a quiet breed - and found out long after Tory arrived that Rottie MALES are quiet. Rottie females will announce to the whole household that something unfamiliar has just moved an air molecule in Sector 1.5 of the Northeast Quadrant of the property line.

(We're not complaining, and neither are the young Israeli hippie kids next door. Bike and Stuff thefts have dropped like a rock.)
Sep. 7th, 2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
What a wonderful little critter; may you have many,many happy times together.
Sep. 8th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
Aww cute I saw a little Boston terrier as I was walking to work today and thought of you and what you said about wanting one. Now you have one, I love coincidences.
Is he a runner Bean?
Sep. 8th, 2009 03:56 am (UTC)
RUNNER BEAN snort choke wheeze

A little short to be a pole bean.
Sep. 8th, 2009 10:42 am (UTC)
He doesn't exactly run--he prances.

Is there such a thing as a "prancer bean"? ;-)
Sep. 9th, 2009 04:47 am (UTC)
Maybe he's a jumping bean!
(He's absolutely adorable, whatever he is.)
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